About us

Welcome and Greetings to you and your dear-self, from Hotel Manwar. We are here for you since 2005 to provide you with The Best of the Hospitality services.

A New Era has begun with Hotel Manwar, here in Udaipur itself. We can say this as we work on the principle “Your wish is our command”. But, we do not claim exaggerated services, as we are simple but yet adorable and unbeatable in our hospitality services.

With a maximum of corporate clients and also group booking for any corporate meeting and events, as well as guest staying with family and friends, proved our proficiency since we started hospitality services.

At our hotel it’s just simple as you are at your own sweet home, and more significantly very safe, this all can be justified with our advanced, well-maintained ambiance and modern facilities with Wi-Fi availability. Specifically, our hotel is safe because of the trusted staff and the CC TVs Cameras. We guarantee homely experience because there is harmony in the air, all around. The purified & filtered air that comes from the Gulab bagh is just magnificent and adds a Feather to our Crown.